the rapid pace of a workspace evolution in today's office, represented by a high turnover of personnel, require flexible spatial configurations that can be adapted to technological infrastructures. For a typical office building, it is estimated that 40-50% of occupants will change their position or request a new computer every year.

Therefore a moder office must answer to:


  • Frequent turnover of personnel
  • Chaning environments and destination spaces 
  • Flexibility of time spent in the office
  • Changes to the technical hardware of equipment and office machines.


The increase in offices for multi-users has generated the problem of designing buildings without being able to determine exactly the interior spaces.

This implies the use of versatile systems such as the raised floor that can easily accommodate electrical and communication cables, etc., in addition to air conditioning systems.

The ideal height to combine these needs varies from 200 to 460 mm. which are also performing as an air transport channel.