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The system created by CBI Climate is entirely sub-flooring and perfectly integrated with the architecture of the environment that hosts it. It is dedicated to air-conditioning the areas most prone to disperse heat such as glazed surfaces and those with high transmittance. It is made up of a VC Fan Coil ducting machine that can be ducted from underfloor to which 2 to 6 600x50 mm diffusers are connected. The aluminum or steel grill provides both the air delivery in the environment but also allows the return of the same air to the fancoil. This ensures a uniform distribution of heat inside the premises. The air circulates at low so as to obtain high comfort for people who inhabit the environments. This type of system as well as in the offices is particularly suitable in rooms with a generous and inconstant influx of people, such as waiting rooms, cinemas, theaters, meeting rooms, museum areas.

Underfloor air distribution for large size windows
Canalized air distribution system for large size windows


Underfloor air distribution for large size windows